.Community Interest Statement


'To consistently provide high quality, life enhancing, leisure and recreation activities to our local communities. We strive for continuous development in a fun and safe environment'.


O'Tooles believes everybody should have the chance to learn to swim and enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle. We also realise that capturing peoples interest from an early age will help lead to an active future.

It's no secret that exercise can help with weight loss, toning and shaping. It also makes you feel more confident about your appearance and helps to relieve stress. Sport and exercise can act as a deterrent to cancer, osteoporosis, type II diabetes and coronary heart disease amongst others.

In short – exercise makes you look and feel better.

Yet on average people in the UK spend 10 minutes per day on sport or outdoor activities, compared to 170 minutes watching TV.

At O'Tooles, we're committed to doing everything we can to turn that around.


O'Tooles main purpose is "...to provide or assist in providing recreation, physical education, or other leisure time occupation in Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire" O'Tooles is experienced in the management and delivery of all aspects of sports and recreation services.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide a quality cost effective service for all the residents we serve.
  • To provide leisure services that meet the needs and wants of each local community in terms of customer care, cleanliness, pricing, programming and the overall quality of service.
  • To ensure that sporting opportunities are open and accessible to all regardless of age, colour, gender, sexuality, religion, physical disability or mobility


O'Tooles is committed to working closely with local authorities, school, businesses, and individuals. We believe that more can be achieved for the community by working in Partnership.

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for…

Surpluses are mainly devoted to expanding the business. From time to time dividends are paid to local charities & others who hold shares in the company subject the Act & Regulations Our primary focus is on enriching the local communities and much of the surplus will be reinvesting in people, facilities, products, marketing and events.

Examples of which are:

  • Free intensive swimming lessons during school holiday periods
  • Free events
  • Reduced fees for schools
  • An Apprentice Scheme for those wishing to get in the Leisure Industry
  • Reduced National Pool Lifeguard Course fees for local colleges
  • Funding communication and learning aids to enhance the learners experience